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Microsoft Outlook Training in November

In this two-hour training, participants will learn tips for working with Microsoft Outlook including using its search function, creating folders, and searching folders, as well as different ways to sort, filter, and group Outlook information.

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New Learning Management System to go live November 7

A cross-campus effort to bring better management of non-credit learning to Cornell is now bearing fruit.

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Upcoming CIT Training

CIT is offering upcoming classes in Illustrator and Administering Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Please note that registration for CIT training will be moving from VEPlan to CULearn on November 7. More details forthcoming. 

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Cornell VPN will no longer work on Windows XP or Vista after upgrade on Nov. 1

AnyConnect, Cornell’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), will undergo an upgrade on November 1, 2016. Users with Windows XP or Vista operating system will no longer be able to connect to Cornell’s VPN. 

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Courses to improve security, designed for web developers

Much of the material highlighted so far for National Cyber Security Awareness Month has been aimed at people who use computers, electronic devices, and online services.

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Reminder: Remedy with Smart IT available October 17, 2016

On Monday October 17, Smart IT will be available for Remedy users. Remedy's Smart IT is an alternative interface tor technical support providers to use in the Remedy On Demand system. This can be used on the desktop/laptop as well as hand held devices like smartphones and tablets.  

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Crestron training improves AV staff support

At the beginning of October Crestron, Cornell's preferred supplier for audio/video hardware and software, hosted an on campus training for Cornell AV staff across the university. Representatives from CIT, CALS, research, Vet, and more attended.

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