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Update: Cornell SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, OneNote, and Office 365

Following the launch of Lync web conferencing and instant messaging, and the provisioning of Office 365 ProPlus for Students, the Cornell Office 365 team is working on next steps for the remaining related services: SharePoint Online, Yammer, Office applications, OneDrive for Business, and OneNote.

SharePoint Online 
In mid-September, the SharePoint Online early adopter period will transition to production and broaden to include more groups. Provisioning into SharePoint Online will be available to any campus unit that: 

  • Has staff experienced in SharePoint site collection administration or staff who are taking steps to acquire this expertise.
  • Has read and agrees to the early adopter memo of understanding.
  • Has read and understands the SharePoint Best Practices document developed by the Cornell SharePoint Advisory Group.
  • Is prepared to support its own SharePoint Online users.

Instructions for units interested in being added to the early adopter phase will be available in early September. 

As part of the broadening of the early adopter group, more SharePoint Online classes have been scheduled in September:
The Cornell SharePoint Online full launch to campus is planned for late 2014. 

The Cornell Office 365 team is also investigating the Yammer enterprise social media service owned by Microsoft and increasingly integrated with other Microsoft services like SharePoint Online. The team's activity is focused on when a Yammer deployment would fall within the roll-out schedule and what will be necessary to prepare campus for an enterprise social network.

Office applications for computers, tablets, and smartphones
Office 365 ProPlus for Faculty and Staff is tentatively set to be provisioned in mid-October. It will:

  • Allow faculty and staff to install Office for Windows or Mac on up to five computers, either Cornell- or personally owned.
  • Unlock the full capabilities of Office for iPad and other mobile devices, which will be able to store and open Office files in Cornell's OneDrive for Business service.

OneDrive for Business and OneNote
Office 365’s document and file storage component, OneDrive for Business, is also anticipated to be available mid-October. Currently the team is evaluating the service for compatibility with various needs at the university. 

Since an individual’s Cornell OneDrive for Business account is deactivated when their affiliation with Cornell ends, the best fit for the service may be with documents only the user needs, or that will have a limited-time use. For many people, this could include the content generated by Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking application. 

OneNote, combined with OneDrive for Business, will provide Cornell with enterprise note-taking and sharing, with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as well as the web-based OneNote Online.

All Office 365 services and applications launched by year end
As detailed above, plans are for all Office 365 service and application launches to be complete before the end of 2014. 

The Cornell Office 365 team would like to thank the Cornell community for their continued interest and patience as the best sequence, configuration, and manner of introduction have been sorted out. The team hopes that the already-introduced and soon-to-be introduced services will be seen as essential tools that successfully support the excellent and important work done at the university.

Thank you,
Cornell Office 365 Team

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