As the result of a recent upgrade, many new features are available to blogs running in the Cornell Blog Service. These include:

  • An “Easy Blogging” mode that provides a simpler interface for users who don’t need all the dashboard options and want to focus on their posts.
  • Wiki functionality
  • Easier navigation between blogs
  • The ability to create custom navigation menus
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Social networking statistics and links


Easy Blogging can be turned on by clicking the “Activate easy mode” button in the top right corner of the dashboard.

A new Admin Bar runs across the top of your blog and can help you navigate around. Click “My Blogs” in the Admin Bar to easily move from the dashboard of one blog to the dashboard of another. See the Edublog web site for more information:

Wiki functionality: See 

Create custom navigation menus at the top of your blog or in a sidebar. You can add custom links, link to category pages, create nested pages, rearrange, and add and remove pages. See the Edublog web site for information:

Google maps: Embed, customize, and use Google Maps on your blog. Display local images or give directions for events and locations. See the Edublog web site to find out more:

Wibiya Toolbar: Add a Wibiya toolbar to the bottom of your blog to display social networking stats and links for your blog. Learn more about Wibiya at:

Questions about the Cornell Blog Service and the upgrade are welcome. Please email us at